MEET MARGOT DUBOIS: A short story by Eleanor

Meet Margot Dubois


Margot Dubois (Mar-go Do-pwa) lives in Corsica. Corsica is an island next to France. Her story takes place in the 1960’s. In her story she wants to be in the Cirque du Soleil.

Chapter 1. Meet Margot Dubois

My name is Margot Dubois, today is my birthday and I’m turning 10! Your tenth birthday is a very important birthday because when you turn 10 you are officially a preteen! I woke up this morning from my canopy bed and found blue, yellow, and purple streamers hanging from the ceiling. When I went downstairs I saw my mum, Esmee, holding a circular white cake with daisies around it that said:  Happy Birthday Margot! It was chocolate cake that tasted divine! My mum made it. She always makes good cakes. Last year for my older brother Marcel’s cake she made an ice cream cake that was big as a globe. Today when I blew out my candles, I wished that someday I’ll go to Paris and be a part of the Cirque du Soleil (circus of sun) and feel the big lights hit me on the stage. I wish for that every year because I just know it will come true! If I believe in it hard enough it will come true right?


Right now I am waiting for my Grandmother Giselle, Aunt Paulette, Uncle Maurice, and My Grandmother Lucille. Grandmother Lucille is very wise. She always supports me. My Grandmother Giselle on the other hand is VERY stubborn. She is not that old and loves to fancy herself up. She can be very vain in some situations and hardly ever supports me and the worst thing about her is that she hates anything or anyone different from her. That is one the number one reason I can’t tell her that I want to be a part of the Cirque du Soleil. In case you were wondering, my talent is jazz! I love dancing and being the star of the show! I love to imagine myself in the Cirque du Soleil singing and doing all my jazz tricks! My Grandmother Giselle would never approve. My Uncle Maurice lives in Paris and actually is in the Cirque du Soleil!  I would love to work with my Uncle Maurice. Just thinking of that beautiful spotlight and stage makes me blush and smile. My Aunt Paulette is a nice woman with a pretty smile. I don’t like it when she comes to visit with my Grandmother Giselle because Grandmother Giselle always takes advantage of her. My Grandmother Giselle treats my Aunt Paulette like she is a chicken on the loose. I would like it if my Aunt Paulette came to visit by herself.

We are having a party to celebrate my birthday in a couple of hours, that’s why everyone is coming over. I hope Grandmother Giselle doesn’t ruin it like last year for Marcel’s birthday when she kept bragging about how good she is at throwing parties.


Chapter. 2 The Guests have arrived

There is only one more hour till the party and right now my father, Gaspard, is out shopping for last minute things. I am in my room right now putting on my outfit. My Persian cat, Bette, is trying to catch the streamers that are hanging from the ceiling and it is hilarious! She keeps getting on my bed and jumps in the air to try to catch them. Unfortunately, when the party starts I will have to lock Bette in my room because Aunt Paulette is allergic. Since she’s allergic, my mum had to wash all the pillows, blankets, and even clean the couch because there might be cat hair all over them.

I am wearing a yellow dress with a white collar, saddle shoes, knee high socks, and my hair is in a ponytail. I always look forward to seeing what everyone is wearing, especially my Uncle Maurice. My Uncle Maurice has such color and fancy outfits. I absolutely adore them! When I grow up, I want to have the same kind of car as my Uncle Maurice! It is a shiny red corvette with white on the sides. Maybe someday my Uncle Maurice will teach me how to drive in that same car! I should wish for that next year.

The party now starts in thirty minutes. I am so excited to see everyone! I love it when they visit, but I love it even more when they come just to see me. My Aunt Paulette always brings homemade brownies! My older brother, Marcel, went to the farmers market to pick up some butter because my father forgot, you can’t have rolls without butter!  

My Grandmother Giselle and my Aunt Paulette just pulled in, they are in a yellow Mini Cooper. It’s actually my Aunt Paulette’s car, she must have picked up Grandmother Giselle. Paulette is wearing a short, floral print dress with short sleeves, and she has on yellow flats. My Grandmother Giselle is wearing a long scarlet dress, a green button up jacket, emerald green earrings, fancy black boots, and her jet black hair is in a bun. My Grandmother Giselle looks young because she got married when she was only fifteen years old! 

I hurried and grabbed my binoculars and looked out my window. Grandmother Lucille pulled in as well! She is in a white Aston Martin DB5. That car is one of the newest cars ever! You can tell she just bought it because the car is extra shiny and clean. My Grandmother Lucille is wearing a yellow long sleeved dress, an orange sweater, white boots, and has her long silver hair completely down. Grandmother Giselle changed her silver hair to jet black, but Grandmother Lucille loves her shiny silver hair. Grandmother Lucille is 60 years old and is very pretty for her age. I am surprised that Uncle Maurice isn’t here yet! He is usually the first one here.

Chapter 3. The Birthday Surprise

I hurried downstairs to welcome our guests. “Hello, Grandmother Lucille!” I exclaimed as I ran to her. “Hello dear!” she said back. Then I turned to my Aunt Paulette and gave her a hug. “Hi, Aunt Paulette!” I said with a big smile.  “I brought you my homemade brownies just like you asked!” said Aunt Paulette with a bigger smile. I then turned to my Grandmother Giselle. “Hello Grandmother Giselle!” I said happily. “Hi.” said Grandmother Giselle kind of gloomy. Grandmother Giselle forced a smile. I was starting to get confused. Where is my Uncle Maurice at?

It is almost time to serve food and Uncle Maurice is still not here! Just then I heard the doorbell. It must be Uncle Maurice! I ran to the door and quickly opened it expecting to see my Uncle Maurice, but instead I saw a tall man with blonde hair and he was wearing a royal blue sweater with light blue jeans. “Who are you?” I asked the man. “My name is Louis Bisset. I am here to tell you that Your Uncle wants you In Paris France right away.” He replied. “What is going on here?” My father interrupted. “Your brother sent me to tell you that Margot needs to be in Paris France right away.” Louis replied. “What?” my father said confused. Just then the phone rang. Father went to answer it. “Hello?” he said. “Hello, dear brother!” Maurice said. “Is Margot on the way to Paris yet?” asked Uncle Maurice. “So, you did send him!” My father said surprised and relieved. “Oh yes!” said Uncle Maurice. “I have a surprise waiting for her in Paris!” He said again. “I need Margot to be on her way to Paris right away.” Uncle Maurice said. “What, why?” Father said. Uncle Maurice hung up. Father put down the phone, looking confused. “What’s wrong, Gaspard?” asked Mum. “I guess Margot needs to go to Paris France right away.” Father said looking more confused than before. “Why?” Mum said starting to look just as confused as Father. “Maurice said he has a surprise for Margot.” He replied. He then turned back to me. “Margot, go pack things to stay with your Uncle Maurice for a couple of days.” He said.

Chapter 4. I am going to Paris, France!         

“But what about the party?” I asked. “Don’t worry about that just go upstairs and pack your things.” said Father. I have no idea what is going on, but Father seems to know what exactly what to do. I quickly packed my green jacket, my yellow turtleneck, my light brown and orange plaid pants, my royal blue boots, my saddle shoes, my yellow, collared shirt, and my salmon pink skirt with a belt. “Wait, What about Bette?!” I told myself. I looked over and there was Bette napping on my bed. “I can’t just leave her here!” I told myself. “Maybe Father would be ok if I brought her,” I told myself. I grabbed Bette’s basket cage and put her inside it. I hurried down the stairs as quickly as I could. I saw Mum, Father, Marcel, Aunt Paulette, Grandmother Lucille, and Grandmother Giselle smiling. “So, you guys are ok that I’m leaving you guys here at the party?” I asked. “Don’t be silly, we’re going with you.” said Aunt Paulette. “Your Grandmothers and I have known about your Uncle’s surprise for weeks now!” “What, really?” I said surprised. “oh, yes!” she said.  “We already have our bags packed in the car. In fact, I know exactly what the surprise is!” said Aunt Paulette. “Me, Marcel and your mum are going to stay here while you go with them.” said Father. “We’ll see you in a couple days okay, sweetie?” said Mum. I ran to Mum and gave her a big hug. “See you later, Pumpkin.” Said Mum. “Bye, Mum!” 

I finished saying my goodbyes and now I am in Aunt Paulette’s car on my way to the airport and I couldn’t be more excited. This might be my chance to be in the Cirque du Soleil! Maybe that’s the surprise! I’m finally on my way to Paris, France!

Chapter 5. I’m in Paris, France!                                                                                              

After a long car ride listening to Grandmother Giselle talk for hours, we have finally arrived at the airport. The airport was big and beautiful on the outside, but the inside is a smelly building with a bunch of people walking around who are talking much too loud. I’ve never been on an airplane before and I’m very excited, but a little nervous because I know how far away Paris is and I don’t know how long I’ll last in a smelly, cramped airplane with crying children! “Why are we standing around? Let’s get a move on already!” shouted Grandmother Giselle. “Oh, there’s Grandmother Lucille!” I said. Grandmother Lucille is holding her suitcase and walking towards us, waving.

Once we finished getting our luggage on the plane and getting our tickets, we boarded the plane. I am now sitting patiently in my seat next to Grandmother Lucille waiting for the plane to take off. I looked at Grandmother Lucille nervously. I thought I was ready to ride in a plane, but maybe I’m not. Grandmother Lucille sees that I am nervous. “Do you want a mint, sweetie before we take off?” she asked “Yes, please.”  “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, we will be taking off in ten minutes, so make sure your seat belt is fastened and prepare for takeoff.” “Here we go,” said Grandmother Giselle, gloomily.  

Guess what? We’ve finally arrived! We’re in Paris France! We’ve been waiting outside the airport for seventeen minutes now waiting for Uncle Maurice to pick us up. I love Paris so far. I can see such pretty buildings from here. The buildings look like the churches we pass at home, but way prettier.

“There he is!” said Aunt Paulette. He is standing by his red Corvette and waving at us in his yellow shirt, blue jeans and  brown mustache. I quickly run to him. “Uncle Maurice! Uncle Maurice!” I shouted. “There’s my niece!” he shouted back as he lifted me up and put me on his shoulders. “Hello, Maurice!” said Grandmother Lucille. “Hello, Mother!” he said back. “Hello Maurice, nice to see you again!” said Aunt Paulette. “Oh yes, hello, Maurice.” said gloomy Grandmother Giselle. “Hello, Giselle don’t you look ravishing this evening!” said Uncle Maurice trying to be polite. “I always do.” said grouchy Grandmother Giselle. “What’s the surprise, Uncle Maurice?” I asked. “You’ll see!” he replied. “Come on, get in the car so we can be on our way!” he said. We all get in the car happily as Uncle Maurice starts the car. I get to sit in the front seat with Uncle Maurice as a bonus surprise, too!

Chapter 6. It’s Finally happening!

It’s 10:00 and we just arrived at Uncle Maurice’s house. He already showed me my room, I’m right across the hall from Aunt Paulette. Grandmother Giselle is the room on the left from my room. Grandmother Lucille’s room is the room on the right from Aunt Paulette’s room. Since it’s late, Aunt Paulette’s tucking me in because Grandmother Lucille is too tired to do it. I asked Aunt Paulette to read me a story, but she said we can tomorrow night and left the room. I can’t go to sleep because I’m excited for tomorrow. I’m not positive what the surprise is, but I think it might be the Cirque du Soleil! I also can’t sleep because Aunt Paulette snores like a hog. Who knew someone could snore that loud?

I’m awake and it’s 6 am! I couldn’t sleep last night because Aunt Paulette not only snores, but talks really loud in her sleep. I caught some of the words she was saying last night, something like: “I won’t tap dance!” and “Keep away from me you clown!” I have no idea what kind of dream that was, but it must have been bizarre! Right now, I’m sitting in my bed looking out the window. I had no idea Paris was this beautiful! In case you were wondering, Bette did not do well on the plane or car ride, but she slept pretty good last night considering Aunt Paulette was snoring nonstop! Bette is still sleeping right next to me on the bed. The bedspread is a beautiful quilt with lace on the edges. The pillows are really comfortable and soft as a cloud. I can’t feel the bed springs at all when I lay down. The windows are covered with beautiful curtains that my Mum would love. It’s a beautiful room with a beautiful view outside, nothing could make me happier…… except maybe my special surprise. It’s 10 am now and I’m downstairs eating French toast Aunt Paulette made for me. I think this is the grumpiest Grandmother Giselle has ever been. She’s complaining that she has a sore throat and that her pancakes are too doughy. She also says the floor is too cold and needs slippers. I happen to be in a great mood this morning. Who could not? The birds are singing, the sun is shining, I have a delicious breakfast, and I’m going to get my surprise today! Uncle Maurice was the first to get ready and eat breakfast, he must be exited to give me my surprise! “Hey kiddo, are you ready for your surprise?” He asks. “Oh yes, yes, yes!” I reply. “Well then, come on everyone let’s get in the car to see Margot’s surprise!” He says.  We are now getting in the car and I get to sit in the front again!

We’ve been driving for five minutes now and I can’t wait! Uncle Maurice is humming, Grandmother Lucille is looking out the window, Aunt Paulette is smiling, and Grandmother Giselle is groaning because she claims she’s car sick. “We’re almost there!” Uncle Maurice says. “You are going to love your surprise!” He says. “Can you please tell me what it is?

I ask. “Sorry, you’re going to have to wait and see!” He says. Uncle Maurice pulls over by a big, beautiful building that says: The Cirque du Soleil

“I knew it!” I say happily. “You don’t know everything about the surprise yet! Let’s go inside shall we?” He says. We all follow him in the building.

Chapter 7. My Cirque du Soleil

The building is even more beautiful on the inside! The walls, ceiling, floor, and stairs are a white pearly color and the texture is nice and smooth! The building also looked bigger on the inside! “I want you to look very carefully for folded piece of paper that is in this room, Margot. It has your first clue written inside it!” Uncle Maurice says. All of us except Uncle Maurice look for the piece of paper. “I found it! I knew I would because I’m the best at everything!” Grandmother Giselle brags. Grandmother Giselle hands me the piece of paper. “Read it!” Aunt Paulette says. “In the room where the star shines most bright, a treasure is hidden somewhere nice and tight, it’s hidden where it’s so dark it’s bright as night.” I read. “where the star shines most bright? I think it means the stage!” I say. “Yes, let’s look there!” says Aunt Paulette. Uncle Maurice led us to the stage and I can feel the spotlight shining down on me. “obviously the treasure is hidden in the backstage closet!” Says Grandmother Giselle. “The backstage isn’t where the star shines most bright though.” Says Grandmother Lucille. “Wait a minute!” I say. I walk slowly looking down at the floor. “I got it!” I say “look! A trap door!” I say as I point to the trap door. “Well…open it already!’ Says Grandmother Giselle. Me and Uncle Maurice bend down to open it. “On three!” I say “One….two….THREE!” Me and Uncle Maurice flip open the trap door. “It’s…It’s a hat.” I say. I pick up the shiny black top hat. “Put it on!” Says Uncle Maurice. I put on the top hat and all of a sudden….The big red curtain opens and standing there are people in flashy jazzy costumes. The people are all different. There are people who are really short, there are people who are really tall, and there is even a person with hair all over their body. I can’t believe my eyes! It’s Uncle Maurice’s Cirque du Soleil! They all started to dance, and show off as they sang a unique version of “Happy Birthday” to me. I am so happy I think I might cry! This is one of the best things that ever happened to me! “There is more than that came from because you are going to star in their act in two days for their big show!” Uncle Maurice says. “Me!” I say happily. “You bet!” He replies. “You’re going to be a star!” Uncle Maurice says.

Chapter 8. Eloise’s Pastry Café

Ever since Uncle Maurice told me I’m going to be in the show, I’ve been practicing all day at the Cirque du Soleil. A nice lady named Odette, that is in the Cirque du Soleil, helps me practice my jazz. She does jazz, too and she’s really good at it. I’ve also seen her walk on a tightrope. She does all kinds of cool tricks, but I haven’t really seen her do them. For practice, since I didn’t pack my jazz outfit, Odette took me shopping! Now I wear light purple tights, and a silver ballet sweater that I’m using as a top. Right now we are practicing back stage. A man named Moussa is watching us. Odette and I are practicing our dance for the show. It’s hard to keep up with Odette because her feet are moving so quickly. We stopped dancing because we need a break. “Bravo!” Moussa cheers. “Thank you!” I say politely. “Do you want to have our lunch break at Eloise’s Pastry Café?” Odette asks. “Yes please! I’ve always wanted to go there!” I say. So now we are on the train to go to Eloise’s Pastry Café! I love hanging out with Odette, she is such a sweetie and never stops smiling. I am looking forward to seeing the café because I’ve actually never been inside one before!

We just arrived at the Café! It’s such a beautiful little place! It is surrounded with beautiful flowers, and the outdoor tables and chairs are cute as can be! The inside is even more dazzling! The café is filled with yellow, blue, purple, and mint green! The croissants are in the display window right next to the blueberry, chocolate, and plain muffins. I can smell the coffee with caramel syrup! This place is so wonderful! “Where do you want to sit?” Odette asks. “Is it ok if we sit inside next to the window over there?” I ask. “Absolutely!” She says. “How about you go ahead and sit down and I’ll get our food for us?” she says. “So, what do you want to eat?” she asks. “Umm, I want a chocolate croissant and peppermint herbal tea.” I say looking at the menu.

Now we are sitting at our table eating our food. “So, are you excited about the big show tomorrow?” Odette asks. “Oh yes!” I reply. “I must warn you that you are going to have to wake up bright and early!” She says. “I am not worried, I’m planning to go to bed at 8:30.” I say. “I’m just wondering, where exactly do I stand and stuff on the stage, and what am I going to wear?” I ask. “Don’t worry about that quite yet, that will all be sorted out tomorrow.” She replies.

Chapter 9. Talk about a Show Stoppa!

I am so excited for the show, I can hardly wait! It’s six am and right now I am changing. My Grandmothers and Aunt Paulette are all coming to the show. I wish My Mum, Father, and brother could see it, but luckily Aunt Paulette brought her camera and she said she would take pictures. “Margot! Come on, we got to get going!” Aunt Paulette shouts. “Coming!” I shout back. My Aunt Paulette is dropping me off because Uncle Maurice is already there. Uncle Maurice had to get there early to set up.

As I’m running down the stairs, I feel someone grab my arm. “Wait! You can’t go! I won’t let you be in such show!” shouts Grandmother Giselle. “I have too! It’s my dream!” I say frustrated. “What’s going on?” says my Aunt Paulette. “Grandmother Giselle won’t let me go to the Cirque du Soleil!” I shout. “I can’t and I won’t let her go to such place!” Grandmother Giselle shouts back. “Mother can’t you just” “No!” Grandmother Giselle interrupts. “But Mother…I understand.” Aunt Paulette finally says. “Now, Margot go to your room and take those ridiculous clothes off!” shouts Grandmother Giselle. “No! Please let me go Grandmother Giselle! Aunt Paulette, please do something!” I say as I start to cry a little. “I’m sorry dear, but maybe your Grandmother’s right.” Says Aunt Paulette. “Wait!” Grandmother Lucille shouts. “What is going on here?” Grandmother Lucille says. “Grandmother Giselle won’t let me go to the Cirque du Soleil!” I say to her. “Giselle, why on earth would you try to stop Margot from following her dreams! What kind of a grandmother are you if you do this!?” Grandmother Lucille shouts at Grandmother Giselle. I am shocked at this. Grandmother Lucille never shouts, especially at Grandmother Giselle! Grandmother Giselle is speechless and lets go of my arm while her face becomes pale. Aunt Paulette’s mouth is hanging open while she also starts to become pale. “Come on, Margot I will take to the Cirque du Soleil.” Grandmother Lucille says as her voice starts to quiet down again.

Now me and Grandmother Lucille are on our way to the Cirque de Soleil. “I still can’t believe you did that!” I say to Grandmother Lucille. “I’ve never ever seen you so upset before.” I say again. “That Giselle has been driving me crazy ever since I’ve met her.” Grandmother Lucille says. “She’s finally gone to far.” Says Grandmother Lucille. “Thank you, Grandmother Lucille, you’ve always been there for me and I’m very grateful.” I say as Grandmother Lucille starts to smile.

Chapter 10. The Disaster!

Grandmother Lucille just dropped me off at The Cirque du Soleil and I’m already a nervous wreck! As I walk into the building, I remember how magical it felt to first see the building. “There you are!” Uncle Maurice says from a distance. “Are you ready to be a star!” He says again. “Oh yes!” I reply. “Then come on, we still need to sort out where everybody stands for when the show begins!” He says.

 I follow him back stage where I see everyone in their costumes, standing next to the props. “There you are!” Odette says as she walks toward us. “Everyone has been asking about you!” She says again. “Ok, everyone!” Uncle Maurice begins. “It’s really important that we start getting everything ready on stage, so if you please would start carrying your props to the stage!” he shouts. Odette, Moussa and, I help carry the net for the tightrope.

We’ve finally finished putting everything on the stage. “Ok, everyone, please form a straight line!” Uncle Maurice says. “Ok, now when I call your name, please step forward and I will tell you where to stand for the show!” says Uncle Maurice. Uncle Maurice begins to call names. “Adele!... Albert!... Cedric!... Moussa!... Odette!” Odette steps forward as Uncle Maurice points to the spot she will be standing. He then says… “Margot!” As I start walking toward the spot Uncle Maurice tells me to stand, I trip over my jazz shoelace and tumble down on to the floor! “Ow, ow, Ow!!!” I yell as Uncle Maurice and Odette start running toward me. “What hurts!” Uncle Maurice says to me as Odette tries to comfort me. “I think I broke my ankle!” I shout as I begin to cry. “We need to get her to a doctor!” Uncle Maurice says to Odette.

Now I am in the car with Odette, and Uncle Maurice on our way to the hospital. I am so tired I can Barley keep my eyes open. “Try not to go to sleep, Margot!” Odette says as she sees I am about to fall asleep. But it’s to late, I am out like a light.

Chapter 11. The show must go on!

I slowly open my eyes and I see that I am in the hospital. I look over and I see Uncle Maurice talking to Father on the phone. I can’t believe this happened! I thought nothing could possibly go wrong, but I was wrong. “Maurice, she’s awake.” Odette whispers. Uncle Maurice puts down the phone. “Hey sweetie, I was just on the phone with your Father.” Uncle Maurice tells me as I began to cry. “I missed the show, didn’t I?” I say quietly. “No sweetie, the show doesn’t start until another hour. Odette says. “But I will miss it.” I say. “I thought if I wished to be in the show hard enough it would come true, but obviously I was wrong.” I say as a tear falls from my cheek. “Sweetie, you can’t just wish for something and expect it to come true, you have to work hard for it. Just remember to never give up!” Odette says. “I know this was your dream.” Uncle Maurice says. “Well… maybe you can still go.” Odette says hopefully. “You should go to the Cirque du soleil before you miss it.” I say. “I’m not leaving without you!” Odette says. “Maybe the doctor will let you go to at least watch!” Odette says even more hopefully. “Wait a minute… I have an idea!” Uncle Maurice says. “I’ll be right back!” Uncle Maurice says as he starts to leave the room.

Uncle Maurice finally entered the room again, but this time he had a nurse with him. “Your uncle tells me that you want to be in the Cirque du Soleil.” The nurse says. “I’ve talked with the nurse and she says you can come to watch!” Uncle Maurice says. “Be careful though, your ankle is still very, very sore.” Says the nurse.

 Now we are in the car trying to get to the Cirque du Soleil before the show starts. I don’t want to see the show, I want to be in the show! I feel like my dream is ruined! “Maurice, Margot wants to be in the show!” Odette whispers to Uncle Maurice. “I know, that’s why she…” Uncle Maurice stopped himself once he saw that I could hear him. “Well, you’ll see.” He says as he parks the car. “Don’t worry Margot, your dream will still come true! Uncle Maurice says.

Chapter 12. The Cirque du soleil

As we get out of the car, I can see the crew running toward us. “What’s going on?” Moussa asks. “I’ve thought of an idea for Margot to be in the show!” Uncle Maurice says. I immediately stop crying and look up at Uncle Maurice with hope.

Now we’re backstage and Uncle Maurice is telling us how I can still be in the show. “So, what we’re going to do is put a chair in the middle of the stage and Margot is going to sit in it. And you guys are going to do the show around Margot, and then at the end Margot is going to have the spotlight on her and she is going to stand up and do her jazz routine with just her and arms, and Odette will do the same routine with just her feet.” Uncle Maurice explained. My face lit up and I started to smile. I am going to be in the Cirque de Soleil!

“Odette, go with Margot to help her put her costume on.” Uncle Maurice says.

Odette and I are in the dressing room trying to get my costume on. “I’m so excited!” I say to Odette. “I can’t believe I still get to be in the show!” I say again. “I know you’re exited, but just remember to stay calm and focus on what you’re doing on stage, ok” Odette says. “I know, I’m just so happy!” I say. The costume was a little difficult to get on, but we managed to get it on. Now everyone is taking their places on stage as I sit in the chair that is in the middle of the stage. Everyone is wearing such unique costumes. Odette is wearing yellow tights, gold jazz shoes, a fancy yellow leotard covered with feathers, and she has a sparkly yellow wig. Moussa is wearing a crazy light blue wig, a colorful shiny vest, yellow and blue striped pants, and he is covered in face paint. Uncle Maurice is wearing a black top hat, a long red jacket with gold buttons, black boots, black and white striped pants, and white gloves. A lot of people are wearing what look like jumpsuits that are very colorful and they are also wearing colorful masks. The curtains open and I can see my Grandmothers and Aunt Paulette in the crowd. Grandmother Giselle did not look happy. She has a face expression that says: “I can’t believe they dragged me to this.” Grandmother Lucille looks very happy and Aunt Paulette has her camera ready to take pictures. Aunt Paulette tries to look like she doesn’t want to be here, but can’t help being excited.

Dramatic music is starting to play and the crowd goes completely silent. The crew is starting to perform their routine and I am still sitting in this chair with my head down so people don’t pay attention to me yet. Even though my eyes are closed I can still feel the dramatic suspense that the audience must feel. I know Odette is dancing right next to me because I can her feet tap the floor. The music is getting louder and Odette’s feet are tapping faster. It’s almost time for me to start dancing. This is it. This is where my dream comes true! I am going to get up and start dancing in three… two… ONE. I get up from my chair and start doing the graceful arm movements while Odette is beside me and is doing the feet movements. I feel a sudden rush and my heart is pounding! This is my dream come true! I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m performing in The Cirque du Soleil!

Suddenly the dramatic music stops and I stop with it. The crowd jumps up and starts cheering and clapping. I feel like I’ve never felt before! My Grandmother Giselle looks actually surprised and is clapping, and my Aunt Paulette is taking pictures like crazy. My Grandmother Lucille is smiling and clapping louder than anyone. Odette and I look at each other, we both smile. I look over at my Uncle Maurice who is smiling and is still in his ending position. The curtains close. “You did it, Margot!” Uncle Maurice says while walking toward me. “I did what I’ve dreamed of ever since I was little!” I say back.

Now my Uncle Maurice and I are driving back to his house. “I have one last surprise before you go home tomorrow!” Says Uncle Maurice. “What is it?” I ask. “How would you like to go up the Eifel Tower?” My Uncle Maurice asks. “I would love to!” I say with joy.

Chapter 13. Bonjour to Paris

Uncle Maurice and I are climbing up the Eifel Tower. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life! The sun is starting to set and Uncle Maurice and I are almost at the top of the tower. We’ve finally reached the top and I am staring at the beautiful sunset over the city. “What do you think?” Uncle Maurice asks. “I absolutely love it!” I reply. The orange, yellow, blue, and pink splash together in the sky. Everyone in the whole universe deserves to see this. I look down at the city and see all the tiny people looking up at the tall beautiful tower. Even though I’ve never felt so small, I also have never felt so big. I was just in The Cirque du Soleil and Now I’m on top of the Eifel Tower! I look over at Uncle Maurice and smile, because I could have never done this without him. He turned my birthday into an adventure I’ll never forget! I am forever grateful.

I just woke up and now I’m packing my things to go back home. Bette really doesn’t want to leave and I had to push her into her basket cage. As I walk out the door, I feel a little sad, but I also feel overjoyed. “Goodbye Margot!” Odette says as she hugs me. Right before I turn to get in the car Grandmother Giselle reaches out for my shoulder. “I just wanted to say that…maybe I was wrong. I think that what I did was maybe unfair and I’m sorry, you were great on stage yesterday.” Grandmother Giselle says with a little smile on her face. “Thank you.” I say as I hug her. “Wait!” Odette says right before I step in the car. “I have something for you!” as she pulls a gold locket out of her pocket. Inside of it was a picture of the crew and I on stage. “Your Aunt Paulette took that picture!” Odette said. I looked at Aunt Paulette and smiled at her. Odette swung the locket over my head and put it on me. “That way you’ll always remember the me and the crew.” Odette says. “Oh, Odette, how could I ever forget you and the crew!” I say to her as I hug her again.

We just got out of the airport and we’re now driving to my house. I roll the window down and reach my arm out to feel the wind. I can finally smell the mountain air again. I stick my head out the window and close my eyes. I didn’t realize how much I missed home. The rough wind blowing on my face feels wonderful. All I can think of now are all the things I have to tell my Mum, Father, and my older brother Marcel. They will be so pleased to hear about my adventure. My dream came true and I owe it all to my Uncle Maurice.