Dandelion Jelly

Here in Ohio, people hate dandelions. Like seriously, you are judged for having a yard full of dandelions. It like means you don't mow your lawn enough or something. Dandelions are sprayed with round up and dared to return. Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic, but it is a thing .. trust me. Anyway, I am not one of those Ohioans. I am a proud lover of dandelions. I find them quite beautiful. 

Growing up, my dad made dandelion tea a couple of times and then I did later on as a grown up, but it had been a while since I experimented with these beautiful, yellow flowers (weeds). I googled dandelion jelly last night and found a ton of recipes, so I gave one a try. I am not exactly sure if my pectin will set, but I dipped my finger in the warm liquid and it was delicious. Tastes a bit like honey. 

Anyway, you can find the recipe I tried here