So sometimes a group of church ladies will each contribute a recipe and compile a cook book. They are mostly casseroles for potlucks and such and a variety of desserts. This cookbook was made in early 1990s and passed down to me from my mother. Who doesn’t love cheesy potatoes? 

Today I chose to bake this stir crazy cake for two reasons. One, I had all of the ingredients on hand and two, I was going a bit stir crazy and needed to bake something. 

I will say that this cake was just okay, but there are certainly ways to make it better. First of all, it basically tastes like homemade cake brownies and in my opinion, a brownie isn’t a good brownie unless it has walnuts in it. So next time I make this recipe, I am going to stir in some chopped walnuts before popping it in the oven. Also, I feel like vanilla ice-cream on top of this cake still warm from the oven would have been EVERYTHING.