Homeschooling again! Eleanor, my oldest, was homeschooled for kindergarten and first grade and here we are, homeschooling again for fourth grade! Wolfgang, my second babe, will also be homeschooling this year for preschool and we are all eager to begin. I have been sharing a bit about it on instagram and have received a ton of questions about what our day will look like and our resources, so I thought I would share that info here. 

For kindergarten and first grade, we used the Calvert Education Curriculum and LOVED it. They literally send you everything you need for the year, including a day by day lesson plan manual. This seriously takes the weight off of winging it and allows you to have it all right there in front of you, making preparation and planning a million times easier. We will be using their fourth grade curriculum this year, but still waiting for our books to arrive! It will be like christmas when they do.... so many boxes full of books and goodies. It is a bit pricey, so we will not be using it for Wolfgang's preschool curriculum, but definitely will next year for kindergarten. 

Speaking of Wolfgang's curriculum, I just ordered some basic preschool workbooks from and have been brainstorming different games and ways to teach him through hands on activities. I'm sure there will be a lot of singing and coloring and playtime, too because he is still just a little guy and I know I won't be able to keep his attention for long! 

Other resources and guides that we will be using are: Jodi Mockabee's manuals  and these seasonal manuals  

If you are new to homeschooling and looking for community and support, I suggest reaching out to these wonderful and inspiring mamas!  

Below you will find a tour of our schoolroom. We still need to finish the floors, but it's basically done! We really do not have a whole lot of stuff in there aside from the books we need, blank paper of all sorts and of course, paints, scissors, pencils, markers, glue and all that fun stuff. Everything is stored in the wardrobe. 


Here is what our daily schedule will look like. Well, goals to what it will look like cause you know, we are just doing our best! I still need to add El's ballet class and Wolfgang's soccer schedule. We are also trying to figure out what day we will venture off to the library, but we are a one car family and still sorting that out! 

Anyway, I think that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email. I am by no means an expert, duh, but seriously always here if you wanna talk about homeschooling or like vent about how you feel like you may be going crazy. (am I right?) Okay, bye! and happy schooling. xo.