homemade laundry soap safe enough for babes

Hey. Full on nesting mode over here. I will be 32 weeks this week and baby girl is on my brain like all the time. We still need to find a tiny dresser to keep her clothes, but I figured never too early to start washing them. A few years ago, when Wolfgang was a baby, I made a lot of homemade stuff for the house like laundry detergent and fabric softener and reusable baby wipes. I don't know, things got busy and more kids came along and I got tired. I am gonna try really, really hard to get back into the DIY world and add it to our homeschooling lessons. 

Today I will be sharing a two ingredient laundry detergent that we loved in the past. Originally I found the recipe via a google search. 

All you will need is:

  • one box super washing soda
  • three bars kirk's castile soap
  • a storage container
  • a tiny scoop
  • cheese grater (but i recommend a food processor because it's like way faster)
  • large bowl and spoon for mixing 

Okay, so all you do is grate the bars of soap and then mix it with the washing soda. BOOM, done. I use a coffee size scoop and typically use just one to two scoops per load. 

P.S. See that photo of my laundry room down there? I really want to wallpaper in there or something, I don't know. It needs something, don't cha think? Now ... where to get the energy and time for that project?