Lately at home

When I first started this site I had this idea that I would post often and like be bursting with new ideas and what not, but quickly realized that girl ... ain't nobody got time for that. And that's okay! We have been living low key and have such a solid routine going and it's been so so amazing and freeing. I was talking with a friend about doing it all and it's okay to not be doing it all and it's okay to not want to be doing it all. I don't have to be this super mom creator blogger whatever. I can just be a mom who blogs on occasion and not scheduled and just whenever I feel like it and have time. I'm more than good with that. 

Anyway, I also haven't been taking loads of photos like I used to and that feels good, too. But today I felt like taking some photos, so I did. I wanted to share them here. 


1. Really tired and really happy. 

2. She's the most lovable of the six. 

3. Salted caramel gelato in my coffee and an eighteen week bump. Basically the best thing eva. 

4. If the chickens are out, Rufus is chasing them and laughing about it. 

5. Rufus chasing the chickens and Eleanor chasing Rufus telling him not to chase the chickens.

6. Wolfgang and one of the trees he'll grow up with. 

7. Pam comes inside for naps and that's about it.