so, haha, umm, yea ... movin' again. I feel like a broken record, honestly. Like, ohhhh, you guys are moving again. Someone asked me the other day, "Man, doesn't it suck moving like three times in one years time ?" and I was like "yea, basically." BUT, listen to me, baby girls, we are not moving again for a very, very, very long time! We found this amazingly affordable house with lots of space inside and out and it's literally two minutes from my Gramma and ten minutes from my folk's and basically everything we could ever need, want and desire. Anyway, no more move talk. Literally the only downfall is the closest Target is forty five minutes away. My husband is thrilled about that. 


We decided to fence in half of the property, so that way the chickens and goats can roam freely without messing with the garden and also as a way to keep the boys contained while I am outside petering around. Can't wait to build our coop and a big sandbox for the kids and plant flowers everywhere and hang the porch swing and start living and settling. Settling, omg. We are so ready to like burrow in and stay put. 

As for the inside, the seller covered the pine floors with brand new carpet ... Of course exposing those floors or replacing them with another hardwood would be like way more appealing to the eye, but we decided to embrace the carpet for a while. Eleanor was spinning around in the living room and yelling, "oh, please keep the carpet, it's sooooo cozy!" ... and then she fell on the floor laughing and made snow (carpet) angels. So, there ya have it. What a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes you happy and sets you free! 

this photo, haha. Hey, girl ... Also, those barstools back there are getting replaced, but really not doing much to the house. I am not gonna paint a thing for at least a year. So over painting things, man and plus every wall in the house is painted that pale gray and I love it. Okay, bye! xo