Every Wednesday at 10:30am, the boys and I walk a few blocks to our local library for story time. This has become our favorite day of the week, especially since it’s been cold outside. It gives us a reason to escape for a bit and get some energy out. I let them pick out a few books to take home for the week and I always pick out one or two that I can work into an activity. This week I found “it’s tough to lose your balloon” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. It’s about having a positive attitude and not letting troubles get you down. “when life gives you rain, look for a rainbow!” 

Wolfgang and I talked about ways to stay positive when something makes us sad. for example, when brother Rufus takes his favorite train or when Eleanor won’t let him play in her room. After our talk he practiced rainbows using crayons and watercolors. Basically the sweetest rainbows I have ever seen.