house tour!

Welp, we are all moved in to our 1870 restored farmhouse and we are happy as clams. This move has felt a little bit like being reborn for all of us. 

My mom took the kids for two days, so we could unpack and we hammered through it and got it all put away. Arick burned the boxes and straightened up his outdoor office and shed and I put everything away inside. I'm sure I will end up moving things around and there are still a few things I need to buy like curtains, but we are here and loving it! Yesterday morning Eleanor walked into our bedroom and said, "I just feel so alive." and those were literally the most beautiful words we ever heard ... "We're so glad, baby."


So that's it! I feel like I should have cleaned up our living space where Wolfgang was playing for these photos, but ain't nobody got time for that!