Maybe some ways to be a happier Mom

I would like to start this by saying last week I went to a great clips and paid six dollars to let someone wash my hair. It was everything. 

1. Remember, you can't be a happy mom unless you're a happy human. You know who you wanna be and what that means. 

2. Stop trying to be like Susan. You're not her. 

3. If you find yourself lashing out at your kids, do something to fix it. Get some sleep, stop eating sugar, take a shower, cry, go for a walk, take yourself to dinner, hug somebody. 

4. People cannot read your mind. If you need a break, TELL them. If they don't hear you, TELL them AGAIN. 

5. Change your attitude and quit being negative. "Ugh, so much laundry!" to "So blessed to have so many clothes and a washing machine to wash them in!" .. Our children hear us. Positive people raise positive people.

6. Lower your expectations and give your kids room to mess up and grow and throw fits. They are people learning about life, just like you. 

7. When you go to bed at night, instead of feeling bad about what you did wrong, feel good about trying to do better. 

8. Find light in situations instead of darkness. This is sort of a repeat maybe, but I believe outlook is everything. So you ran out of gas in your driveway (me) and now you can't take the kids out for lunch and target. It's okay, you can go tomorrow or another day. It's no big deal.  

9. Make a song out of it is literally the best advice about motherhood I've ever been given. We sing all day here. 

10. Last week Wolfgang wouldn't stay with us at Target and I got so mad I screamed his name so loud everyone started looking at me. It was ridiculous and ineffective and I felt so dumb. I had a good cry about it later, talked to Wolfgang and told myself next time I'll handle it differently and I kept it movin.' You just cannot dwell, girl.  

11. Whenever your two year old dumps an entire jar of beads on the floor, go text a friend about it instead of getting angry with your child. She'll most likely tell you about something similar her kid did and it will make you feel normal and less alone and less angry. Kiss your kid's face and laugh out loud about how chaotic life can seem. Clean up the beads when you can. They're just beads, after all. 

12. Make mom friends. Join a local mom group on facebook or talk to the other moms at swim class. You need the support and so do they. 

13. Let go and let your kid pick his own clothes and quilt for his bed. Their happiness will turn into your happiness. It's contagious that way. 

14. Stop fretting about food. Have healthy options and they'll eat when they're hungry. 

15. My OBGYN of twelve years recently told me to stop being too tired for my husband. "You'll feel better after." 

16. Which brings me to feeling pretty. It's important. Get ready every morning. Put on mascara. Watch TV and paint your toenails when the kids fall asleep. Send a selfie to your husband without your kids in it that says, "I miss you." 

17. Get to know your child, be their friend. A friend of mine recently told me how she was changing her outlook and said, "I get to live life with them every single day." Yes! These amazing little beings you grew are full of life and joy and love and you are beyond blessed to have them with you everyday... to live life with. 

18.. The most important one... Learn how to truly love yourself. As a human, as a woman, as a mom. No one expects you to be perfect or to raise perfect kids. You can't be positive and encouraging for them if you can't be positive and encouraging for you.

*would also like to add that I have no idea what I'm talking about. just things I have been trying and things that have been helping me to be happier, better mom.