Kephart Days 2017

Arick, my history loving husband, has been involved in the reenactment world for about ten years now. He is in all sorts of clubs and groups and knows exactly where to find everything a person needs to find their way back in time. All of these years, I have only looked on and admired. I have always had an itch to partake, but hobbies like these are expensive, so I just let him do his thing and embrace the joy it brings him. When Eleanor was a toddler she participated in some events with him and had a blast. When I was a little girl we camped a lot. Like a lot, so I knew that adding dress up to the mix was obviously going to be amazing. And guess what, it's amazing. I loved it and can't wait to do it again and again and again. We have decided that this is something we will continue to do as a family and join my husband's passion with bells on. Arick is sewing little linen gowns for Rufus and the baby while slowly getting gear ready for Eleanor and Wolfgang. OMG we are pumped. The next event is in August here in Ohio. Cannot wait. 

Anyway, I took a ton of photos from this past weekend's event in Georgia, so here they are. I didn't edit much bc mom is tired. :) This event was in memory of Horace Kephart ... Arick also has a pretty cool Facebook page if you are like into that sort of thing. 

P.S. I need to def step up my period gear game. I just brought things from home for this event, but need to get more stuff. I was so so inspired by the other ladies in this event. #goals

P.S.S. Yes, my husband has always been like way cooler than me.