This weather! and a new stroller that I'm not sure how I lived without

For the past fews day the weather here in Ohio has been perfect. I'm talking low sixties, overcast heaven and we have been getting our bums out of the house and soaking it up. On Saturday and Sunday Arick and I took the kids to some historical sites where he has participated in reenactments. Last night when we went to bed he was like, "Man, that was the best weekend." It seriously felt so amazing to breathe in all that fresh air after a strange, long winter.

Eleanor didn't have school today, so I decided to keep the outdoor ball rolling. I was going to take them to a historic farm we always go to, but it was closed (President's Day), so instead we drove across the street to a lake where people were fishing. We ended up staying for two whole hours. The kids just ran around and threw rocks and were so chill. They were so intrigued by people catching fish and it got me so pumped to take them fishing soon. Noon rolled around and we decided hang around a little longer to enjoy the picnic lunch I packed. We had the best time just existing outside without any worries or rush. The best foggy February day.