Goals for a human family

Arick and I have this thing we live by...

We only get this one day with our kids. We will never get this day back. Every action, every word .. they are significant and they matter. Make them count. 

Today I created a MORE/LESS list using watercolor to hang in our house. Goals for a happier, healthier, fuller life as a family. Eleanor painted trolls beside me and sang along to Bonnie Raitt. It was a really amazing hour together. Actual real life meaningful moments. Goals. 

Please forgive my mess ups. I decided not to start over because the mess ups are a perfect representation of how imperfect life is. Life is messy and we will never be perfect, but we can do our best to make our moments happier and healthier and fuller. We can make them count. 

P.S. She is totally snap chatting right after I painted LESS phone. Ah, it feels good to be human, doesn't it?