we're having a baby!

A few weeks ago at the dinner table I asked the kids, "What should we name the baby?" and Wolfgang stood up in his chair and said, "How bout Dickey Sue?!" and of course we all died and have been calling the baby Dickey Sue ever since and to be honest, that will probably always be his or her nickname. Memories, guys. 

Anyway, Mittler baby number four is due October 21 which puts me at eight weeks five days. And I gotta be honest .. I have been so sick, it's unbelievable. I vomited a ton with Eleanor, but not at all with the boys, so it's making me think that maybe this babe will be a girl! It's amazing though because even though I am running to the toilet multiple times a day, I still just feel so thankful. It's the happiest sick in the world. 



Also, I bought this What To Expect book when I found out I was pregnant with Eleanor and have loved pulling it out of the cedar chest for each baby. The first thing I do is flip to the back and read what I wrote on Eleanor's first month. It's hard to believe that was ten years ago.