About ME


Hey! and thanks for stopping by. I am more than a mother from Ohio, USA. I look after three little people alongside my husband and am growing as a human everyday. Below you will learn ten things about me.

  1. I live on baby carrots and peanut butter sandwiches.
  2. I binge watch episodes of The Office and Law & Order SVU. 
  3. I have a really painful and exhausting and exhilarating addiction to diet coke. 
  4. I almost always have a hat on and it’s been that way for most of my life. 
  5. I have shaved my armpits twice in the past ten years. 
  6. I think turtles are really weird and they terrify me.
  7. I have generalized anxiety disorder and sometimes it interferes with my quality of life. 
  8. I love riding in the car with my husband and listening to mix tapes. 
  9. I dance and sing all day long like my mother does and her mother did. 
  10. I have been using the same beauty products since the seventh grade.